Update: China imposes sanctions on US

“Canceling military discussions and calling in the American ambassador have been two standard Chinese measures in response to previous American arms sales to Taiwan. But the announcement of restrictions on the Chinese operations of American companies involved in the arms sales represents an unusual twist…” quoted from a NYTimes article today on the US-Taiwan arms deal.

Update on yesterday’s post on the US-Taiwan arms deal:  China’s reaction is sanctions, a response which apparently goes beyond previous diplomatic action against the U.S. regarding Taiwan.  This raises some questions: First, are the Chinese imposing Iran-style sanctions, that is, similar to sanctions the U.S. advocates to pressure the government of Iran? Is this therefore a diplomatic nose-thumbing at the United States?  Second, do they think they can push President Obama around more than the average American president?  While I am not seeking to question the president’s credibility, it is valid to ask the question — would they have imposed these sanctions on a McCain or a Hillary administration?


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