Colombia: Some straight talk

Good friends vs. Best friends...Uribe and Obama...  Source:
Good friends vs. Best friends…Uribe and Obama… Source:


Good friends (Uribe and Obama) vs. Best friends (Uribe and Bush)… Sources:, AP.

I have long argued that the Democrats have gotten it wrong on Colombia, by parroting the misinformation about this country and its President, Alvaro Uribe, circulated by US labor unions intent on stopping a free trade agreement between two staunch allies.  This is one of those examples political scientists tout of a well-financed interest group successfully killing a policy that would be to the benefit of a broad majority of Americans. 

Alvaro Uribe has warts, true, not least of which include his striking similarity to New York City mayors, such as Bloomberg and Giuliani.  All three have sought to avoid term limits to the chagrin of some and the delight of others.  But, Uribe, like these New York City mayors, has improved the quality of life of his citizens and should be commended and supported for this, no matter what your position is on term limits.  He should in no way be vilified, as uninformed liberals in America have been prone to do.  The latter included candidate Obama in a presidential debate, who merely parrotted the misinformation that appears on the AFL-CIO web site

I apologize for what may seem like hyperbolic language, but it is one of those issues in which so many have just gotten it wrong.  It is important to have some straight talk on the matter and to staunch the circulation of lies.  Ask someone you know from Latin America about Alvaro Uribe.  I wrote about this issue a while back in a post.  Have a read…

Today, I want to draw your attention to a fair appraisal of Uribe and Colombia that appeared in the pages of Economist in early January.  First, is the leader, followed by a fuller article.  Enjoy reading and learning…

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