Colombia: US Democrats’ Hypocrisy?

Are the Democrats hypocrites on Colombia and on Free Trade?  With Obama in tow, last year they killed the Colombia FTA legislation promoted by President George W. Bush (I know you don’t like him), who really got it right on hemispheric free trade and on U.S. ally Colombia.  The Dems whined about abuses by the government of Alvaro Uribe, who has in fact made great strides in ending Colombia’s nasty guerrilla war.  Read posts I wrote in the past on Colombia and on trade.

Now, President Obama, who has adopted many of the policies he savaged when they were Bush’s (e.g. targeted killings in Afghanistan to name one) is backing greater U.S.-Colombia military ties, which had already been deepened under Mr. Bush.  So, much so that Obama’s erstwhile buddy, Chavez, whom he shmoozed with earlier this year, refuses to normalize relations with his neighbor to the west.  Yet Obama cannot so easily backtrack on his wrong-headed kaybashing of Colombia FTA, based on the AFL-CIO’s trumped up charges of abuse against the Uribe government. 

Just keeping score…

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