Brain drain…to India this time…


Source: The Economic Times


Serious setbacks in U.S. economic performance are convincing highly-trained nationals from such Rising Powers as India and China to return to their countries from the United States.  Many are not even opting to study in the U.S., worried about financial aid, as well as jobs once their studies are finished. 

In three recent articles, this phenomenon is described as it pertains to India.  One article discusses how, to some young Indians, the American Dream is losing its luster.  Another article discusses the reduced demand for lawyers by corporations in developed countries, which has made practicing law in India look more attractive.  And, finally, there is an article on IBM’s job cuts in the U.S., 5000 soon to be announced, which will likely make the technology company’s U.S. workforce lower, for the first time, than its workforce in the BRIC countries, which represent more than a quarter of IBM’s global workforce. 

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