Sharansky Study of Anti-Semitism in Palestinian Schools

From  a Jpost article (2005, I believe).  And this was in the schools run by Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas: 

A new study conducted at the request of Diaspora Affairs Minister Natan Sharansky accuses the Palestinian Authority of conducting systematic Nazi propaganda against Jews. The researchers admit that no direct proof of a directed policy was found, and that the theory that they developed was based on “circumstantial evidence” through analyzing Palestinian publications with clear anti-Semitic themes. Sharansky said Tuesday that Palestinian Authority schools were training “tens of thousands of future terrorists.” “We welcome the efforts being made recently to prevent dozens of terrorists from carrying out terror attacks. But at the same time, Palestinian schools teach and Palestinian national television broadcasts terrible anti-Semitic propaganda,” Sharansky said at a press conference in Jerusalem, in which the findings of the study were presented.

Sharansky is due to present the study’s findings to foreign ambassadors at the Knesset on Wednesday.

The research was conducted by Palestinian Media Watch, an institute that tracks PA publications and textbooks. The main point made by the researchers is that the PA has constructed a “legal file,” as they phrase it, against Jews, consisting of the same messages used by Nazi Germany.

The file, they claim, consists of three phases: Presenting Jews as sub-human and having evil qualities; presenting Jews as a nation that threatens the existence of Palestinians, Arabs, and the world in general; and the Palestinian version of the “final solution,” the elimination of the Jews.

“During Abu Mazen’s [Mahmoud Abbas] tenure, a slight decrease has been marked in the number of calls to murder Jews, but there has been an increase in broadcasts depicting Jews as sub- humans and as an existential threat to mankind,” Itamar Marcus, one of the two individuals who conducted the research, said at the press conference,

According to the researchers, this ideology is spread by the PA’s religious, political and academic elite, under the supervision of the PA leadership. In response to a question, Marcus said that the researchers did not find direct proof a directed policy. He said that their conclusion was reached by analyzing a large quantity of individual cases.

Some twenty segments from interviews with various individuals, originally broadcast on Palestinian television, were presented at the press conference. The segments included clear anti-Semitic themes, some of which included references to Jews as monkeys and pigs, as well as a quote from an Islamic religious text which mentions the destruction of the Jews.

Most of the material shown was from 1999-2003, while only a few were taken from the past year, and only two were from the past two months, despite Marcus’ claim that, “calls for the destruction of Jews have not been taken off television broadcasts.”

Sharansky explained that many of the segments that the researchers planned to share were rejected, because they were linked to anti-Israel propaganda, rather than to a pure hatred of Jews. Marcus explained that it was decided to show old footage so as to show that the process began prior to the current intifada.


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