And you thought I was right wing on Israel…

Have a look at this peace plan endorsed by Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, who was a Republican presidential contender (see article from October 2007 below).

It is called the Elon plan after a right-wing Israeli politician, but it is basically the Avigdor Lieberman plan, the Yisroel Beitenu leader who pulled his party out of Olmert’s coalition this week because Olmert is negotiating with the Palestinians on the basis of Israel ceding land for peace.  Lieberman and Brownback reject “land for peace,” saying that Jordan is the Palestinian state.

I maintain that if you had any European government with any European army in place of Israel and the IDF, we would have seen ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the territorities, moving them to Jordan and Egypt.  But for the morality of the State of Israel and the IDF, this has not been done.  The irony is that in the past, the forced movement of ethnic groups has largely solved problems for future generations — witness the Indo-Pakistan migrations in 1948 and the resolution of the “German problem” after WWII with the forced repatriation of ethnic Germans to Germany.  These forced migrations burdened thousands, sometimes millions of people with hardship as they had to pick up and leave, but sometimes their future generations were better off, rather than remaining to stew and multiply in refugee camps as the Palestinians have done.  At the end of 1948, the Arabs held vast swathes of territory on our planet, as they still do, and the Jews, a crowded strip of land.  The hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs (that’s the number at that time, not the millions of today, which include their descendents) should have been assimilated in neighboring countries, as thousands of Jews from Muslim countries were in Israel.  However, Arab governments committed the moral outrage of corralling these people into refugee camps, forbidding citizenship in many cases, except most notably in Jordan.  If they had assimilated these people, the problem would have been solved as it has been (largely) on the Indian subcontinent. 

Yet Israel and the IDF, backed by Jewish morality, will not ethnically cleanse the territorities, because this would change what it means to be a Jew.  So, the Lieberman/Brownback plan is moot.  What we must refuse is the ethnic cleansing of Jewish settlers from the territories, disputed land as per UN Resolutions 242 and 338.  Maybe tens of thousands can relocate to help make the West Bank Palestinian areas contiguous, as W has said.  But, large settlement blocks near the Green Line must remain. 

This is in spite of the rantings and ravings of Europeans and other leftists that the settlements are illegal.  When do Europeans start the clock on what territorial disputes are legal or illegal?  I propose giving back the Italian Alto Adige to Austria, seized by Italy after WWI, when the Italians for once chose to be on the winning side of a war!  I was there years ago, and an Italian citizen of German extraction said to me, “You sold us to the Spaghettis.” So, I’m not so sure they’re all happy Italians right now.  And, I propose independent homelands for Basques, Catalans, Corsicans, not to mention Taiwanese, Tibetans, Kurds, Armenians and Chechens.

Again I maintain almost any European army, any European country would have dealt much more harshly with the Palestinians than have Israel and the IDF, if one of these countries and armies were in Israel’s shoes. Just look at that continent’s bloody history.  Read on…

Brownback endorses Elon peace plan

A Republican presidential candidate has voiced support for a peace plan put forward by MK Benny Elon (NU-NRP) which maintains Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank.

NU-NRP MK Benny Elon speaks during a press conference in Jerusalem, Wednesday.
Photo: AP

Republican candidate Sen. Sam Brownback (R- Kansas) speaks at a debate.
Photo: AP

“This is a realistic proposal and different way forward… which needs to be looked at broadly in the international community,” Senator Sam Brownback (Rep.-Kansas) said.

He called the plan, which proposes recognizing Jordan as the sole representative of the Palestinians instead of the Palestinian Authority, and calls for the dismantling of UNRWA and the Palestinian refugee camps and the rehabilitation of the Palestinian refugees “bold, aggressive, clear and workable.”

The conservative American senator noted that while he does not endorse all aspects of the plan – specifically regarding the Fatah-run Palestinian Authority – it could be the basis for a positive discussion for the long-term relations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Land for peace does not work,” Brownback said, citing Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip as a case in point.

Elon said that the long-term proposal constituted a “real deep conceptual change,” which required time, energy, and funding.

“This is a national and international information campaign,” Elon said Wednesday at a Jerusalem press conference which included videotaped remarks of the Republican senator.

“If Israel will not be in Judea and Samaria,” Elon said, using the Biblical names for the West Bank, “then Hamas will be there.”

Elon is expected to present his plan called “The Israeli Initiative: The Right Road to Peace” to President Shimon Peres and Israeli legislators from across the political spectrum in the next few days.

He also has been holding meetings with parliamentarians and officials around the world in an effort to promote his proposal in the international arena.

“We have had enough cocktail parties at the White House with the Nobel prize winner [former PLO head Yasser] Arafat,” Elon said.


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